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20 March 2014 @ 11:17 pm
Fanfic : Reporting For Duty!  
Aww yeah, I'm baaaackkkk~~^^
And yes, this time I am going to do a fanfic based on what my friends and I talked about on LINE (you know who you are~~)
We were talking about how and what Hey! Say! JUMP members would do when they are admins of their own fanbase...let just stick to a fanbase on twitter.
So yes, I am going to roleplay this time.
(p.s : I'm sorry if it doesn't sound like them or in any way~ I kinda did this randomly ヽ(o`皿′o)ノ )

Title : Reporting For Duty!
Characters : Hey! Say! JUMP
Themes : Random roleplaying (wait,is that even a theme? XD)
Summary : What JUMP would do or say if they are admins of their own fanbase.

Yabu Kota on duty
>Konbawa minna-san. Admin Yabu Kota desu. Today I will be your admin! Yoroshiku onegaiishimasu.
>Today's weather was nice nee? I wanted to go out but I ended up watching soccer indoor instead  (笑)
> Speaking of soccer the world cup is less than 90 days away! Who's excited?
> I will definitely watch it with friends! So it will be nice if you could join me *wink* (gets shy and giggle to himself)
> I wonder if I can drag JUMP into watching it with me? Maybe Inoochan? It'll be a such a delight to see him get excited~ (smile shyly and warmheartedly to himself again as he imagine Kei)
> and oh yeah,Daichan made me listened to a song for a soccer game, I seriously do not know where that chibi get such information.
> Maybe we should have a soccer or futsal match again. How about that, minna-san? But only support BEST okay? (笑)
(Talks about things that excite him...especially the JUMP members XD)

Takaki Yuya on duty
> Konbawa minna! Takaki Yuya desu...
> oh ADMIN Takaki Yuya desu (笑).(gets shy and embaressed at his own clumsiness, even laughing nervously~ ^^)
> Ano I don't really know what to say but...I went to the beach recently.
> I honestly can go to the beach everyday! It feels so good~
> Maybe Yamachan should do that too since he can't get tanned easily (笑)
> Ah that reminds me the time I went to the beach with....
(I imagine him talking about beach stuffs and the little things that made him happy like a little kid XD...isn't that just adorakable!?)

Inoo Kei on duty
> Minna-san konbawa! Inoo Kei as your admin tonight!
> Minna genki desuka? ♥ Boku wa genki desu~ (heavenly greets you in the most sweetest way~~~( ^‐^)_且~~ )
> Ahhh I saw Yabu's tweets last time! and he wanted to take me to see soccer!
> ehh is it a date? ( ̄ー ̄) if it is,then let's go, Yabu-kun! (笑)
> Going on a date it'll be nice if we can have fun together, like do silly stuffs and such nee~
> But if it's Yabu-kun, I think I'll have fun with him in any way! (笑)
(I think he will talk sweet innocent things and sometime random out-of this-world stuffs like "OHMYGAWD Kei did you reallly say that??" XD)

Yaotome Hikaru on duty
> Konbawa, minna-san, Admin Hikaru reporting for duty (jokingly greets formally like in the news~~~)
> Today I am going to bring you the latest news from the world,so stay tuned...(teasingly drop tone to a more serious and professional tone~-____-)
> Hahaha just kidding! You really think I'm gonna do that?? Nah I got better things for you than any members! XD (BOOM! Hika changes character!!ヽ(o`皿′o)ノ )
> Maybe it'll be better if I just sing for you?
> Ah chotto matte, you can't hear me through here...then maybe I can just juggle for you? (笑)
> Ah dame dame!! or maybe...
(Will trick and troll you and maybe talks/gossips about the other members ヽ(o`皿′o)ノ )

Arioka Daiki on duty
> Konbawaaa! Admin Arioka Daiki desu! Minna genki? (talks with full energy as if like in a game show XD)
> I was just listening to some songs while thinking what to say tonight.
> But I got lost track of time instead (笑)
> The movie [insert movie name] just went out! Ahh will be really great to watch it na~~
> Oh have you listen to [Insert artist name and song name] ??
> I really like the part where...(pretty much sounding like an excited walking information desk ヽ(o`皿′o)ノ )
(Talks about his recent cute discoveries and the things around him that amuses him more than us~^^)

Okamoto Keito on duty
> Good Evening everyone. This is Admin Okamoto Keito desu. I will be your admin tonight so please stay tuned. (His gentelman-ness will show as he greet you formally with his fabulous English accent XD)
> I was just tuning my guitar just now, and now it sounds great.
> I shall serenade you with a song one day dear Juliets ♥ (getting shy internally)
> But I guess I also need JUMP with me, with Yuto-kun on the drum maybe?
> So it'll be a duo of OkamotoXNakajima concert then! Will you look forward to that? ♥
> I still remember when...
(Talks about music mostly I guess~^^ and the things he would love to do with JUMP one day)

Yamada Ryosuke on duty
> Annyeonghaseyo, Yamada Ryosuke ibnida! I will be your admin tonight so don't go anyway.(Cheerfully greet with his fabulous Korean and excited to try them out~^^)
> How's my Korean? Is it improving? (笑)
> If there's anything wrong please forgive me nee~
> Today I did muscle training again, but despite all that I still ate a lot today (笑)
> So sorry about that if I get flabby like Takaki-kun one day (笑)...gomen ne Takaki-kun (^_^;)
> Oh right, just the other day I went out with Yuto-kun and Daichan again to eat!
> It's kinda fun having the three of us eating together and Daichan get so fussy on what to eat it's funny (笑)
(Talks about his cute daily life or encounters, about him keeping fit and...foods that please him so much that he sounds like butachan! XD)

Nakajima Yuto on duty
> Minna-saaaaaan!! Konbawaaaaa!! Nakajima Yuto desu! Yaaaay!^^ (Actually more excited to show off his pictures~^^)
> So how was your day today? Mine was great cos I got to take lots of pictures today.
> There's this one place with a pretty scenery and I just couldn't let it pass.
> *uploads the picture*
>  Kirei ne~~~ a great place for couples I guess (笑)
> I bet if Yamachan sees this he will go 'kyun' and daydream! (笑).
> Like the last time we hang out he...
(Uploads pictures to you,talks about his many many active activities and...talks about Yamada XD)

Chinen Yuri on duty
> Juliettt~ Konbawa~ ♥ Chiiiinen Yuri desu ♥
> Are all the Juliets genki tonight? If not then let Chinen Yuri cheer you up!
> Do you want a cute Chinen dance? Ah wait I can't do that, it'll be too cute (笑)
> But did you enjoy our performance last time? We gave our all for you always Tobikko-tachi! ♥
> Ah right, Tobikko, Hikaru gave that name nee? So can I give a name especially for Chinen Yuri fans? ♥ (Chii will pretty much have fun on his own~^^)
> Can anyone suggest a cute name for me? Because daisuki da you Juliet~ *chuchu*
(exploding with total cuteness! and more likely to interact with the fans^^)

Morimoto Ryutaro on duty
> Morimoto Ryutaro desu, konbawa!
> Admin-ing huh? I bet the others just talk about random stuffs here (笑) (will think of the other members to get inspirations on what to do~)
> Like what the heck is Inoo-kun talking about back then? (笑) and Daiki and Takaki-kun are kinda predictable nee?
> Yabai! I'm gonna get in trouble with the members for this (笑)
> But since Yuto-kun shared a lot of picturs last time, I guess I'll do that too
> *uploads random picture*
> I seriously don't know why I upload this pic~ XD but it's from when...
(I guess Ryu will talk about casual stuffs in his most kakkoi way and talks about the members too ehheheh~~~ ( ̄ー ̄))

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aiy_chanaiy_chan on March 20th, 2014 04:01 pm (UTC)

aaaw Kouchuuuu chuuchuuchuunyu~! i will definetely support BEST only!
and i will pray for Yuto trap by his own legs and fall down on the field~ *evil smirk* /give signal for Hotachuu/

oh yes! pull down Inoo-chan of from cliff!!! you can't steal my Kouchuu even for a day date~ lol

Drum x Guitar??!! It's too much for me~ kyaaaah~~<3 /faint!/ i love them both~! /hiding from Hotachuu/

Where's our convo about Ryo-chan admining, Misaki come inside and interfere him...
Misaki and Yama naughty scenes? and Chihiro who closing the tweet admining duty? lol i still remember it clearly~!!! lol

Daidaidaidaisuki mo, Romeo~!!! *chuu Yuri-kun!* mhahaha...

Ryuu-chan~!!! Please comeback and i will definitely give you telletubies circle hugs with JUMP also HotAikachuu!!! fufufufu~ ^^
Aikahikarinoo on March 21st, 2014 04:07 pm (UTC)
Thank you for commenting Aiychuu~^^ But really this post is really random, I don't really know what to write about them
But I'm glad you like them~^^
Ah I can't put another incest story in~><...besides that Yamada from another universe who has an incest relationship with Misak, not this Yamasa XD
sha197sha197 on March 29th, 2014 09:22 am (UTC)
Haha This is great!!!
Lol Yabu taking Inoo to the soccer xD
You are so good at writingg!!!
Aikahikarinoo on March 29th, 2014 03:30 pm (UTC)
Thank you~^^ but honestly this was really random and I didnt actually know what to write~ but glad that you still like it~