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04 July 2014 @ 03:58 am
Hey! Say! JUMP Game : Chain Game ~Yamada Ryosuke ver.~  

Hellooooo bunnies~^^
I am suppose to post my next fanfic but sadly the draft that I saved here got deleted by accident~ huhuhu ;___;
But anyway, this was a game that I created initially suppose to be released for Yamada's birthday,BUT I didn't finish it in time and it just got buried deep deep down in the to-do list...so here it is!
This is my first time making this kind of game,it's kinda short too, so...please be nice~^^;;
Also,this is NOT FINISHED YET~ I will continue as soon as I can and if there's any confusion,feel free to comment and I will edit it~^^

Chain Game- This is like an otome game where you choose one between two/three choices. Each choice will give you a different story or fate.
So let's see what will you get~


Situation : You find yourself standing frozen to the ground, your heart racing and your cheeks blushing at the sight of :
A. ) Yamada reading a very suspicious manga book
B. ) Yamada doing his Mystery Virgin dance rehearsal
C. ) Yamada sleeping cutely on a couch with a pouty mouth

█ If you choose A.) Yamada reading a very suspicious manga book
You approach Yamada slowly, trying not to trip and grip the bento in your hand firmly, however someone left his bag on the floor and you didn't see it. You tripped over it and :
1. ) your bento came flying open spilling all the food inside it onto Yamada and his desk
2. ) the next thing you know you crash onto Yamada's desk

►if you choose 1.) your bento came flying open spilling all the food inside it onto Yamada and his desk
You looked up blushing and see your crush covered with cute pink rice balls and ichigos. You quickly stand up and apologizes frantically to him but Yamada picked up the ichigo spilled on his desk and take a bite with a smile, he said:
3. ) "How did you know I love ichigo?" looking at you with shiny puppy eyes
4. ) "YOU LOVE ICHIGO TOO!!!" and stand up to face you with total excitement

►if you choose 3.) "How did you know I love ichigo?" looking at you with shiny puppy eyes
You were mesmerized by Yamada's big puppy eyes and just stared at him. You tried to speak but
Yamada was leaning closer and closer to you and it got you nervous. Then he:
5. ) he take you by the hand
6. ) he grab your shoulders

►If you choose 4. ) "YOU LOVE ICHIGO TOO!!!" and stand up to face you with total excitement
You noticed Yamada was staring at you like a cute excited kid and couldn't help but blush and bit your lip from squealing at the adorable sight. You gave a small "Y-yes" in response to his outburst and with that Yamada instantly took your hands in his palm and cupped them.You saw stars his eyes and huge smile formed as he said :
21. ) "Would you go strawberry picking with me???"
22. )  "Would you bake a strawberry cake for me??"

►if you choose 2.) the next thing you know you crash onto Yamada's desk
You looked up and saw Yamada staring wide-eyed at you , covering half of his face with the manga book he was holding. You quickly stand up and gave him a bitter-smile but before you could apologize your attention caught by the manga book Yamada was holding, it was:
7.) A shoujo manga that you love!
8.) It was your manga that you’ve been looking for!

►If you choose 7) A shoujo manga that you love!
You snatch the manga book from Yamada in excitement and cried “No way! You like this manga too! I didn’t know the latest volume is out already!” then start flipping through the manga. Yamada, who was startled by your sudden reaction then :
9.) snatch the manga back and gave a serious look
10.) snatch the manga back and quickly hid it!

►If you choose 8.)It was your manga that you’ve been looking for!
You gave Yamada a surprise look at cried “That’s my manga! Where did you find it!?” while pointing at the manga he was holding. Yamada, who was startled by your sudden reaction then said :
11.) “No! This is my manga!”
12.) “Finders keepers!”

►If you choose 9.) snatch the manga back and gave a serious look
“I’m sorry that’s my manga. I search hard for it” Yamada said to you in a serious but kind tone. You apologize for your action feeling really bad for upsetting your crush. But Yamada pat and gave a warm smile instead and said :
13.) “I can lend it to you when I’m finish with it”
14.) “I can help and go look for the manga with you”

►If you choose 10.) snatch the manga back and quickly hid it!
“Um..er…t-that’s not mine! It’s my sister’s! I took it by mistake!” Yamada cried looking all flustered. Amused, you gave him a warm smile at how cute he was looking with his blushing cheeks then you whispered, “It’s okay, I won’t tell anyone you like shoujo manga”. With that Yamada thanked shyly and add:
15.) “Y-you can come to my house if you want. I have plenty of manga there”
16.) “ I’m glad that you like shoujo manga like me~^^”

►If you choose 11.) “No! This is my manga!”
“Eh?” You cried out, annoyed at his respond. “B-But that’s mine! You can’t just take it!”.
“Oh really?” Yamada said,”Prove that it’s yours then!” he bit back and you snatch the manga back from him. You flipped the manga open and pointed at the ichigo sticker at the back page. “See! This sticker marks my initial!” Instead of feeling bad for taking your manga, you saw:
17.) Yamada burst into laughter in amusement
18. ) Yamada smirking at you cheekily

►If you choose 12.) “Finders keepers!”
Hearing Yamada said that made you feel really annoyed .“That’s not fair! Give it back here!” You yelled to him as you reach out to grab the manga but Yamada was quick and he kept moving the manga out of your reach. As you did that you saw that his face was putting on a smile as if enjoying it then he :
19.) Grab your hand and pull you closer to him
20. ) Grab your hand and pull you outside the room

♥ If you choose 21.) "Would you go strawberry picking with me???" ♥

♥ Awww~ You got a sweet fun strawberry day date! ♥
"Ehhh??" was the first thing that blurted out of your mouth at his sudden invitation."I-is he asking me out on a date??" your mind screamed.You want to say Yes but somehow to you were too shocked to do so you stood there stuttering gibberish. Then you saw Yamada's face slightly looking sad at your response and disappointedly said "ah,it's okay if you're not interested" and started walking away. You tried to call him back but no sound came out so you tugged Yamada's shirt.
"Yes?" he turned around.
You still remain speechless,but your heart want so badly to speak so you nodded furiously instead as a sign of agreeing to accompany him.You felt silly~
But Yamada chuckled in amusement and patted your head."I knew you couldn't pass ichigo that easily!"

The next day,when you arrived at the meeting place,you saw Yamada waving at you like a kid,all bouncy and excited."C'mon let's go pick some strawberries!" he said and grabbed your hands heading towards the strawberry field. You had fun picking strawberries with him but most of the time you you guys kept eating them instead of collecting them.You even fed each other! At then end of the day,he confessed that this was his ideal date and gave you a warm smile. "So...it is a date after all" you thought to yourself shyly and blushed. Yamada seized your strawberry-coloured lip with his own lip and you can taste the sweetness of the strawberries and also the day you had spent.From that day on,both you started going out!

♥ If you choose 22.) "Would you bake a strawberry cake for me??"

♥ Awww~ You got the lovely cooking couple ending! ♥
You went speechless at his sudden request.You wanted to turn him down because you weren't sure if the cake you bake will be good enough for your crush,but looking at Yamada with his puppy eyes staring straight at you and his warm bright smile filled with hope,you didn't have any choice but to say "ah O-o-o-Okay!!" and bowed in embaressment.
"Great!!"Yamada cried out in joy,"Then I will come and help you bake it!"

After school,Yamada was not kidding,he tagged along with you to your house,skipping like a child going to be fed with sweets,and help you bake a strawberry cake you have no idea how to.With the help of a cookbook you tried your best to bake the best ichigo cake ever for your crush but things didn't go so well and Yamada was not much of a help too as he kept eating the strawberries. However,both you had fun baking and spilling stuffs even get to a fun food fight,smudging each other with flour.It was a lovely hectic!
Eventually,you managed to bake the strawberry cake that Yamada wanted so badly but when you smiled to him and told him to try it,he stole a kiss on your lips instead.
"Thank you" he whispered softly to you,before he landed another kiss on you,this time deeper and longer.
You felt a warm gentle feeling rising from your heart at his kiss and your arms found themselves entwining his waist.
When both of you pulled away,you guys giggled and started digging into the starwberyy cake that brought you together.
From that day on,you bake and cook lots of sweets and dishes together,even the most ridiculous requests that Yamada made and gradually started dating.

♥ if you choose 5.) he take you by the hand

♥ Awww~^^ You got a sweet strawberry kiss!
Yamada take you by the hand and pull you outside the class heading towards the school rooftop.
It was like a sweet escape! so you didn't dare to stop him from taking you away.
You can feel his warm hand gripping firmly on your delicate hand as he takes you away. He managed to flash a charming smile at you as he turned and you can see how happy he was at what he was doing with his pink flushed cheeks. You can’t help but giggled and started turning pink as well.
When both of you reach the rooftop, Yamada turned to you and suddenly seize your pink lips!

It was like a sweet strawberry kiss. His lips tasted like strawberries.

When he pulls his warm lips away, he smiled to you and say "So you're the one. I've been looking for you" referring to the strawberry-scented love letters he kept getting from a 'secret admire'.
You smiled back at him and nodded shyly.
You both giggle and that was the day you started dating each other~^^

♥ If you choose 6.) he grab your shoulders

♥ Aww~ You got The strawberry couple!
Yamada grab your shoulder and looked at you closely. You tried to speak but then his fingers seized your lips and brushed his thumbs on your pink lips as if wiping something off. After then, he gave a slight chuckle and smiled at you.
“You have strawberry bits on your lips” he giggled and you quickly wiped off your mouth with a tissue in embarrassment.
“It’s okay, they’re gone now” Yamada said peering at your blushing face.

Suddenly you felt warmth on your lips and the taste of strawberry.
Yamada was kissing you.

When he pull his lips away, he smiled and pat your head.
“Let’s have a strawberry lunch together next time” he said shyly.
“Eh? How did you know I love ichigo too?” you asked, surprised by the sudden invitation.
“Cos your lips taste like strawberry, so you must like them as much as I do too”
From that day on, you guys are called as the strawberry couple~^^

♥ If you choose 13.) “I can lend it to you when I’m finish with it”

♥ Yay! You got A shoujo manga-like kiss ending!
When Yamada finishes the manga, he shyly lent the manga to you and said “Please read it CAREFULLY” and walked off with a grin. You were confused with his words but smiled anyway that you get to borrow a book from your crush.
As you were reading the manga at the page where the hero and heroine kiss a heart-shaped small note was stuck to it.
It said : A kiss like this is cute right? That’s why I want to say… I really like you so please go out with me.
You blushed and smiled uncontrollably at the sudden confession.

The next day you approuched Yamada and hand him the heart-shaped note.
"Y-You found it..." Yamada stuttered in embarassment,"So?...would you" he asked referring the confession.
You readily nodded but as that happened your lips were pressed instantly against another.
Your first kiss with him was just like in the shoujo manga~^^

♥ If you choose 14.) “I can help and go look for the manga with you”

♥ Yay! You got the very first manga date ending!
When you heard Yamada shyly offering to help you look for the manga, you went red like a tomato and the word that escape your lips were; “Eh? You mean like a date?” staring at Yamada with big round eyes.
“Ah…er…well…”Yamada instantly blush at the word ‘date’ suggested but he shyly smiled and looked down to avoid your eyes and said “..um..yeah…a date”he nodded, ”A manga date I guess”.
You smiled back at him, a warm fuzzy feeling spread in your heart then agreed to go on the ‘manga date’ with him.

The next day you guys went on the manga date and had a wonderful time! You laughed together when you browse from one manga to another and it turns out you both have A LOT in common!!^^ Both of you even had lunch in an Otaku-themed cafe!
From that day on, the two of you became a couple and become more of a manga otaku than before together too!

♥ If you choose 15.) “Y-you can come to my house if you want. I have plenty of manga there”

♥ Yay! You got Come On A My House ending!
When you heard Yamada was shyly inviting you to come to his house, you felt like your heart was about to drop but you managed to agree by saying ;”You mean come to your house?”
“U-un…i-if you want to that is and if y-you like manga that much” Yamada said, looking blushingly away from you,
“H-HAI!!!” you cried out, almost like a panic, “I-I would love to!”
Despite your loud reaction, Yamada gave a smile of amuse at you and let out a playful chuckle,”heheh okay, see you after school then”.
After school, you met him by the school front gate and started walking together to his house. When you reach Yamada’s house you were greeted warmly by his family and become instant friends with his sisters. The evening went by with you and Yamada and his family talking and laughing together instead of looking at mangas.
When you realized it was getting late, Yamada walked you home side by side. Several times your hands touched each other from walking too close and then awkwardly parted a few steps but he eventually entwined his hand with yours and walked you home hand in hand. From that day on, you started dating and hold hands more~^^

♥ If you choose 16.) “ I’m glad that you like shoujo manga like me~^^”

♥ Yay! You got Yamada’s sweet confession ending!
When Yamada said that, you stared at him and blushed. He was giving you a warm bright smile,slightly flushed but you can tell that he was truly grateful that you shared the same interest as him.
“You know…”Yamada continued when you guys went silent for a while,his eyes averted away from yours and he was red as a tomato “..I-I kinda like girls who like mangas like me”
As you listened carefully, something struck you “eh? W-was that a confession?” you thought to yourself.
“R-really?” your soft voice came out as respond.
“Uh…yeah” Yamada gave a small nod in embarrassment, “That’s why I’m glad that you do”
Then without warning, he stole a kiss on your cheeks.
You stood there frozen to the ground, unable to comprehend the sudden situation happened but then Yamada faced you with a serious face and said “I-I’ve always had a crush on you actually…but I was too afraid to tell you”
You looked at him with mixed feelings; surprised and excitement bubbled in your heart.
“So when you came to me like that…I was really glad cos I’ve wanted to talk to you ever seen I laid my eyes on you” Yamada continued as slowly his mouth curved to a smile.
“um..Yamada-kun” you finally spoke,”I-I feel the same way too” your confession came out like a mumble but he understood it from your genuine smile.
“Kawaii!”Yamada said suddenly then pinched your cheeks”You look exactly like the girl in the manga~”
From that day on you started going out and become more lovey dovey with each other, people called you the sweetest couple ever!

♥ If you choose 17.) Yamada burst into laughter in amusement

♥ Yay! You got the naughty little boyfriend ending! ♥
When Yamada suddenly laughed, your face turned to a confused expression, “Eh?? You thought to yourself, ”Is he crazy or something?”. You had your head tilted to one side, peering a little at Yamada’s laughing face before he noticed you and said “Hahaha you should’ve seen your face just now!”
“What?” You looked at him, “A-are you making fun of me?”
“Hehehe what does it look like?” he smirked at you.
You grunted and glared at him, suddenly overwhelmed with hatred, you didn’t care that he was your crush, you were just so annoyed. As Yamada giggled away, you walked off unable to tolerate him but then a hand pull you backward and you landed against a warm chest.
You looked up, suddenly blushing, and met Yamada’s eyes, and somehow the previous feelings subsided at the sight.
“You really didn’t think that I took your manga on purpose” he said while grinning at you.
“Eh? W-what are you talking about?”
“I took your manga so that I can finally talk to you” Yamada finally confessed, “Who knew that the content of a manga would tell so much of a girl!” he added giggling, referring to the cute stickers and doodles you tend to add into your manga.
You couldn’t help but blush at his words but deep inside you were feeling so happy to hear them.
After that you started hanging out with each other and Yamada continued teasing and picking on you but it just showed that he liked being with you. It took you 3 months to finally start dating officially when Yamada confessed to you more seriously but afterwards you guys just had more fun!^^

♥ If you choose 18.) Yamada smirking at you cheekily

♥ Yay! You got the cheeky sweet boyfriend ending! ♥
At the sight of Yamada’s cheeky smile, you tilted your head in confusion at what he was smiling at. “Eh? W-why are you looking at me like that?” You asked, slightly blushing.
“Oh nothing” Yamada said, still grinning at you, “It’s just…” he drew himself closer to you and as he did so ,you felt your cheeks were getting hotter and hotter.
“W-what is he trying to do to me??!!” you screamed in your mind as Yamada’s cute face was getting closer. You shut your eyes shut, preparing for whatever was going to happen and then…you felt a warm peck on your left check.
“Hehehe I bet you always wanted me to do that to you” You heard Yamada giggled and you open your eyes and saw the warm bright smile you loved so much.
You blushed even more and hung you head low when Yamada said that, you couldn’t believe that the peck you felt on your cheeks were actually Yamada kissing you.
“It’s really cute that you wrote my name all over the back pages of the manga” He said almost in a teasing tone. When you heard that, you remembered the things you then drew and wrote on your manga when you’re high on imaginations and most of them were about Yamada.
It turned out, upon finding your manga; Yamada was flattered that you have a crush on him and amused that someone so cute would approached him that way.  Both of you started going out ever since ,giving you surprise kisses and hugs whenever you’re together!^^

♥ If you choose 19.) Grab your hand and pull you closer to him

♥ Yay! You got It started with a kiss ending! ♥
“Why don’t you come closer and get it then!” Yamada said in a teasing tone then grabbed your hand and pull you closer to him. As he did so you felt yourself stumbling forward and the next you know you landed on a warm broad chest and your lips pressed against another warm lip.
“W-What happened!!!?” You screamed in your mind. You had your eyes shut then and when you opened them you met a pair of brown eyes widened and staring at you. You quickly pull back and sat up, cupping your mouth while bowing frantically in apologies.
Yamada’s grin faded but his brown eyes were still fixed on you, as if in interest.
“I’m sorry! I-I didn’t mean to do that! I’m really, really sorry!” You continued to apologize with blushing cheeks but suddenly, two large hands grabbed your shoulders and pull you inward again.
This time you had your eyes wide open in surprise and saw yourself being pulled directly to catch Yamada’s pink lips. You saved him with a deep kiss as Yamada wouldn’t let you go.
The kiss lasted like forever, before Yamada pulled back his lips and looked at you with sad eyes.
“S-sorry…I just…”he began after a few seconds of awkward silence, “…I just felt like kissing you” he continued, averting your gaze.
You suddenly felt warm fuzzy feeling surging up in your heart that led you to take Yamada’s hand and said “It’s okay, I-I don’t mind”. You were then rewarded with a gentle smile.
After that incident you started talking to each other more and one day Yamada confessed to you and the two of you started dating!^^

♥ If you choose 20.) Grab your hand and pull you outside the room

♥ Yay! You got the secret hideaway ending! ♥
“Come with me if you want it back!” Yamada said in a teasing tone and pulled your hand and lead you outside the room.
“H-hey! Wait! Where are you taking me?” Yamada didn’t answer; instead the two of you ran in the hallway until you stopped when you reached the library. Entering the library, it was quiet and no one was around. He then led you to the back of the room and there he started to sit down on the floor dragging you with him.
 “Hehehe” You heard Yamada let out a chuckle and quickly turned to him, “It’s great to get away from people once in a while” he said more to himself than to you.
Confused, you asked “W-why did you take me here?”
“Ah? Oh cos I wanna do this”
Before you could question further, Yamada stole a quick kiss from your lips before forming a gentle smile to you.
You felt like you couldn’t breathe at what had just happened but you managed to stutter out “W-w-what was that f-for?” pressing your kissed lips with your fingers.
“Well, I couldn’t possibly have done that in front of the people back there” Yamada explained, still with a smile, “Besides, I think you’re cute!”
You felt your cheeks were burning up hearing it and averted your eyes from him. You sat there feeling nervous and awkward at what you should do and say, but when Yamada took your hand and entwined it with his, you let out a gasp.
“Maybe we should make this our secret meeting place” he said, squeezing your hand. Despite feeling nervous, you felt warm and gentle in your heart and couldn’t help but smile and gave Yamada a nod of approval.
After that, every break time or any free time, the two of you would meet up at the library and spent time there, your sweet gateway as you liked to call it. Two months after that Yamada asked you out on a date and then was when you started dating!

█ If you choose B.) Yamada doing his Mystery Virgin dance rehearsal

TO BE CONTINUED...                                  


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