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18 August 2014 @ 01:01 am
Fanfic : 14歳 / Jūyon-sai / 14 Years old (One Shot)  

I got inspired by an anime character who I currently have a crush on. He is a unique and crazy (literally a maniac!) 14-year-old boy and I just need to write something based on him. So I used Chinen Yuri...because he is the closest one in JUMP to have an image of a 14-year-old ~^^
(p.s : I am sorry if the fic is too violent or rough in any way ^_^;)

Title : 14歳 / Jūyon-sai
Characters : Chinen Yuri X Arioka Daiki
Genre : Thriller, bromance , Love
Summary : At 14 years old, Yuri started to show his disturbing true colour after holding it back all this time, can Daiki rescue him before he went too far?

The chilling little droplets of rain pattered on to the two huddled figures hiding in the silent shadow. One black-haired, the other brown-haired. The brown-haired which was the older among the two held the smaller one in his warm embrace caressing him gently and soothingly as streaming tears of pain and fear poured out from the innocent brown eyes of the little boy.

"Shhh everything is going to be alright " Daiki whispered to the sobbing little one. He pressed his flushed cheeks against the leaning head of the other, hoping that his warmth will soon follow to the little boy and stop the flowing tears. When the little one responded with burying his crying face deeper in the chest of his comforter, something rose in Daiki's heart. He felt the fear and a sudden new will in life. Daiki took a deep breath then looked down at the heart-dropping crying face. His voice came out full of determination at the sight of this and promised "I will not let anything happen to you or leave you, Yuri. Ever ".


The corner of his pretty pink mouth curved into somewhat an evil-looking smile. His eyes widened with a sort of beautiful wicked expression, looking straight ahead at the motionless body lying in the pool of crimson before him. In his hands was a crimson-stained knife matching the mess made on his white school uniform. He was just fourteen.

Across from him stood a trembling boy of sixteen. He had his hands cupping his mouth, struggling not to throw up at the horrifying sight as well as battling not to scream. His eyes too were wide but were of shock.

For a moment, everything was silent and the darkening room swelled up with mixed feelings from both parties present, until out came a soft chuckle sounding amused from the smirking boy. The pretty pink lips parted as slowly the chuckle became laughter, an unlikely conduct in a worrying situation, before it filled the whole room.

In disbelief, Daiki lunged himself at the laughing boy and grabbed his collar violently. "What the hell were you thinking Yuri???!!!" Daiki voice came out almost like a croak, "Do you have any clue what you just did???". He was inches away from Yuri's smirking face, one hand gripping Yuri's collar the other clenched into a fist, ready to land a punch. But the respond he got was unbelievable.

Instead of struggling to break free, Yuri was smiling at Daiki, not a cheerful smile, but a smile that held wicked meanings. "You sure know how to spice things up, Ari-chan" Yuri giggled, calling Daiki by his nickname he had ever since they met, "You're such a hyprocrite" he smirked rudely before shoving Daiki aside.

With a loud thud against the wall, Daiki was knocked out unconscious and there he slumped onto the floor, looking helpless and defeated. At the sight of this, Yuri had never felt so superior and powerful in his life, to finally take control of a situation instead of being forcefully thrust into it and not to mention it somehow satisfied his feelings for revenge. He walked up to the motionless Daiki on the floor and held up Daiki’s head by his chin.

Yuri’s eyes gleamed wickedly from the moonlight streaming in from the window as he gazed smilingly at his friend’s face. However, seeing his friend’s pale face, the smirk disappeared and replaced by a sad smile. “Ari-chan…I thought you say you will never leave my side” he whispered in a hollow tone, drawing himself closer to Daiki. He held the crimson-stained knife closer to the face before him, pressing it slightly against the flustered cheek causing blood to trickle down and dripped onto his already blood-stained uniform. “You promised…didn’t you?”

"Ever" The pretty pink lips mouthed Daiki's words as his mind remembered that memory of four years ago. ”You said ‘Ever’” he mumbled again but this time almost like a whimper, “B-but you lied…you lied…” Then before his eyes, flashed memories of loneliness, of pain, of agony and of fear. For four years he endured the nightmare he had ran away from on that chilly rainy night, behind the bushes, sheltered in the silent shadow and protected around gentle arms. For four years, he was like a helpless lost puppy, hoping to be in the arms of his long lost master again. For four years, he had kept it inside, swelling and growing and…eventually exploded.

Yuri was smiling when his eyes grabbed the sight of the knife. He was laughing as he lashed the weapon before his tormentor. He was happy when his hands were repeatedly stabbing the chest he never once considered hold a heart. And he was ecstatic at his long-yearned freedom.

But it was too late…he was far long gone.

“Ever” Yuri echoed the meaningful word again and again until in faded into a whisper then finally regretted silence. He let go of Daiki, dropped on to his knees and slumped beside his once comforter. His small head leaned against the brown-haired boy’s shoulder but slowly he crept onto his warm still-beating chest and found himself crying.

He was a child again, back like four years ago in Daiki’s embrace; a child who just wished to escape from an abusive parent. Just a child who needed a hero…

…and now he had found one. “We better run and hide, Yuri” Yuri heard Daiki’s voice whispering when he regained consciousness, “They will get you for what you have done” he continued carefully but soothingly. “But I won’t let them hurt you. Ever



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