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13 June 2015 @ 07:27 pm
Hello hello macaroons!!
I know I know I have been gone for ages, but I've been busy with uni stuffs and just living on my own... .___.
Anyway, I know I said before that I have fanics in progress,that is true but I just haven't gotten around to finish them that's all.
I miss writing fanfics and I miss blogging, I really do miss the old days, but it seems there's just going to be some or a lot of changes going on...*sigh*
Well, enough of that, here is a short short story. I really do hope you understand the message I'm trying to hide into it, if you don't then maybe listen to the theme song and get the idea from there~^^ The story is from 2 POVs, one for the girl and one for the guy.

Characters : OC
Genre/ theme : Love
Summary : I hope you understand this love story...^^;
Theme song : Hatsune Miku - Glass Wall


My cold hands pressed against the cold transparent glass. They trembled in long yearning and in such great deep desire…to break through.

I watched in awe at you peaceful face, at the fluttering of your eyelashes as your eyes flickered. Admiring the beautiful carved pink lips, parting slightly and sexily and adoring the flushed pink cheeks, seemingly soft and fluffy. Then climbing my gaze up to your perfect bridged nose to the pink cute ears on both sides before steadying them on the perfect whole.

My heart wavered at the thought of it, at the thought of breaking barrier and at the thought of finally feeling you. To finally know what warmth is, what real happiness is and maybe even…what love is. If only I could just make it through.

You gracefully swayed and gently swirled to the soft tune, and you beautifully sang your heart out to the lovely melody. As if bewitched, I found myself more and more attracted to you the more I watched your every movement and listened to every bits of your voice. Such perfectness, you are

My desire to make you happy and to make you smile, seemed to be my only goal. To have your attention all on me made me more determine to see that charming smile of yours again and again, hoping to make you proud. Breaking through would be a huge first step…

I could watch your eyes, lips, nose, ears and all of you on and on.

My love could be more than just this…

I could watch you forever and…

My love could reach you if only…

…adore how perfect I have made you.

…if only I was real.

18 February 2015 @ 02:21 pm
Hello lovely people!!!
It feels so good to write again (ofc other than writing essays and reports -___-)
This wais a story that i started a very long time ago but i got stuck halfway....
Iit was just last night that i finally get to finish it up and it is excatly how i want it to be.
This is kinda a heavy story so im sorry for that.
And im sorry for not writing a fanfic instead but hopefully that will happen soon.
So enjoy!!!

Titile : Hitori
Characters : All OCs
Genre/Themes : Love and Loss?
Summary : what happen when your loved ones changed and you are left alone and abandoned, but only to find out that things are the other way around....

HitoriCollapse )

I got inspired by an anime character who I currently have a crush on. He is a unique and crazy (literally a maniac!) 14-year-old boy and I just need to write something based on him. So I used Chinen Yuri...because he is the closest one in JUMP to have an image of a 14-year-old ~^^
(p.s : I am sorry if the fic is too violent or rough in any way ^_^;)

Title : 14歳 / Jūyon-sai
Characters : Chinen Yuri X Arioka Daiki
Genre : Thriller, bromance , Love
Summary : At 14 years old, Yuri started to show his disturbing true colour after holding it back all this time, can Daiki rescue him before he went too far?

Can Daiki help Yuri before it's too late?...Collapse )

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Hellooooo bunnies~^^
I am suppose to post my next fanfic but sadly the draft that I saved here got deleted by accident~ huhuhu ;___;
But anyway, this was a game that I created initially suppose to be released for Yamada's birthday,BUT I didn't finish it in time and it just got buried deep deep down in the to-do list...so here it is!
This is my first time making this kind of game,it's kinda short too, so...please be nice~^^;;
Also,this is NOT FINISHED YET~ I will continue as soon as I can and if there's any confusion,feel free to comment and I will edit it~^^

Chain Game- This is like an otome game where you choose one between two/three choices. Each choice will give you a different story or fate.
So let's see what will you get~

START!Collapse )Read you Ending~♥Collapse )

♥ If you choose 22.) "Would you bake a strawberry cake for me??"

Read you Ending~♥Collapse )

♥ if you choose 5.) he take you by the hand

Read you Ending~♥Collapse )

♥ If you choose 6.) he grab your shoulders

Read you Ending~♥Collapse )

♥ If you choose 13.) “I can lend it to you when I’m finish with it”

Read you Ending~♥Collapse )

♥ If you choose 14.) “I can help and go look for the manga with you”

Read you Ending~♥Collapse )

♥ If you choose 15.) “Y-you can come to my house if you want. I have plenty of manga there”

Read you Ending~♥Collapse )

♥ If you choose 16.) “ I’m glad that you like shoujo manga like me~^^”

Read you Ending~♥Collapse )

♥ If you choose 17.) Yamada burst into laughter in amusement

Read you Ending~♥Collapse )

♥ If you choose 18.) Yamada smirking at you cheekily

Read you Ending~♥Collapse )

♥ If you choose 19.) Grab your hand and pull you closer to him

Read you Ending~♥Collapse )

♥ If you choose 20.) Grab your hand and pull you outside the room

Read you Ending~♥Collapse )

█ If you choose B.) Yamada doing his Mystery Virgin dance rehearsal

TO BE CONTINUED...                                  


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10 April 2014 @ 06:28 pm
So this story is almost the same as Kei's story before, except this time it's about Daiki and Takaki~ and the topic is JUMP Da Baby~
I'm sorry for the randomness...I tried my best -____-

Title : Coloured Socks ~ TaDaiki ver.~
Characters : Arioka Daiki & Takaki Yuya
Genre/ Themes : ...random -_____-
Summary : Tired from rehearsal, Daiki's mind let him escape to an unlikely and outrageous dream about Takaki...

Wait, this isn't JUMP Da Baby!!!Collapse )
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05 April 2014 @ 02:51 am
Well this story is inspired by someone~^^
I asked permission from her to write a story about her love for both Yabu and Keito and she said 'douzo, Aika' (her exact words)...so here I go.
Sorry for the long story by the way, I don't want to make it chaptered~

Title : Faint Smile
Characters : Okamoto Keito,Yabu Kota and Aiy(OC)
Genre/ theme : Love
Summary : It's Aiy's big day and she is experiencing second thoughts as she realized she loves both guys,in the midst of that something bad happen,who will be there to save her to claim her love?
Dedicated to : aiy_chan

Theme song : Deep Sea Girl - Hatsune Miku

Kota or Keito ?Collapse )
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04 April 2014 @ 10:29 pm

Just another random story of mine,and who suits to have a random story other than Inoo Kei~^^...so just bear with me~
And please don't question why it is called 'Coloured Socks'...-______-...I guess it's because of Orange socks~~?

Titile : Coloured Socks~InooBu ver.~
Characters : Inoo Kei and Yabu Kota
Genre/Themes : Ultra Random! and yeah shounen ai...
Summary : Kei was busy with his assignment but his random mind kept wandering off where Kota came along and asked him a naughty request...

What is Kota's naughty request?? 0_0Collapse )

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20 March 2014 @ 11:17 pm
Aww yeah, I'm baaaackkkk~~^^
And yes, this time I am going to do a fanfic based on what my friends and I talked about on LINE (you know who you are~~)
We were talking about how and what Hey! Say! JUMP members would do when they are admins of their own fanbase...let just stick to a fanbase on twitter.
So yes, I am going to roleplay this time.
(p.s : I'm sorry if it doesn't sound like them or in any way~ I kinda did this randomly ヽ(o`皿′o)ノ )

Title : Reporting For Duty!
Characters : Hey! Say! JUMP
Themes : Random roleplaying (wait,is that even a theme? XD)
Summary : What JUMP would do or say if they are admins of their own fanbase.

It's admin-ing time!!! ^^Collapse )
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17 March 2014 @ 02:43 am
Halloa below there!!^^
Soooo first of all,sorry for not posting any fanfics lately. I actually did plan a lot,just haven't finished yet...or simply abandoned ._____.
Anyway, this fic is requested by my two lovely friends as we spoke about...stuffs~ So I decided I'm gonna try writing a fic about incest.
So please be nice,since this my first time~^^

Title: Sleeping Pills
Characters: Yamada Ryosuke & Yamada Misaki
Theme: Love, incest but sweet and innocent~
Summary: The Yamada siblings felt something blooming in their close relationship.

My first incest fanfic o_oCollapse )
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First of all, I am very sorry for not posting any fanfics,despite sounding so confident at first that I will...
..so I am very sorry for that~m(_  _)m

And I am also sorry for having to entitle this post as 'Fanfic' when it is not a fanfic at all...
It is part of the my fanfic for JohnnysBoysOnlineDotCom
So...it's kinda fanfic-related~^^

Basically, I just had this urge to make JUMP's profiles for JohnnysBoysOnlineDotCom ....FAKE profiles that is
So here are the product of my imaginations^^

Chinen Yuri profile
Daikipawaaa profile
More of their profiles~^^Collapse )
Hope you like them ,and read my fanfic >>> JohnnysBoysOnlineDotCom \(^ o ^)/
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