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10 April 2014 @ 06:28 pm
Coloured Socks~ TaDaiki ver~ (One Shot)  
So this story is almost the same as Kei's story before, except this time it's about Daiki and Takaki~ and the topic is JUMP Da Baby~
I'm sorry for the randomness...I tried my best -____-

Title : Coloured Socks ~ TaDaiki ver.~
Characters : Arioka Daiki & Takaki Yuya
Genre/ Themes : ...random -_____-
Summary : Tired from rehearsal, Daiki's mind let him escape to an unlikely and outrageous dream about Takaki...

"Okay, guys. Take a break!"

Hearing at the word 'break' coming from the dance instructor, all of the exhausted boys sighed in relief and immediately plonked to the ground. The sound of 'huff' and 'puff' filled the room and some of them already started to doze off, snoring away the exhaustion.

"Finally a break! I'm all beat up!" a tired moan coming from Daiki, who crashed himself beside Kei on the couch with Kota. "That's definitely an intense rehearsal huh~?" Daiki remarked the new and improved dance moves to 'Ride With Me' that even Yamada found them difficult, but he saw that Kei and Kota were engrossed in their own conversation ignoring him.

"Hey, Yabu-kun, I dreamt about you yesterday" Daiki heard Kei said.
"Really? What was it about?" was Kota's replied sounding a bit amused.
"Well...er...it's kinda embarrassing actually..."

As Daiki leaned closer to eavesdrop on them when Kei started to tell his dream,obviously an interesting topic to anyone who knew what Kei's mind was like, he found his gaze tracing to the sleeping Takaki across from him on another couch...


"JUMP Da Baby huh?"
"Yeap, JUMP Da Baby!"

Daiki saw himself standing in a closed room with two other guys, one holding a paper in his hands and the other was talking and waving his hands giving some kind of instructions. He blinked his eyes a couple of time to get a better look at the two strangers and recognized them instantly from sound of the cute giggle of the taller brown haired lad and the sight of the captivating smile of the shorter brown haired.

"Takaki? Yamachan?" Daiki found himself saying and both heads turned his way. He had a confused look on his face at the sight of his friends talking and looking busy at something he had no clue of. However, before he could question about the situation he was in, Yamada marched toward him with an ugly frown on his face.

"What are you standing there for?! Get on the couch now!" came Yamada's yell of anger at Daiki, "I told you to get ready didn't I?" he grunted at the shocked Daiki who slowly backing away at the unusual sight of anger. Then, Yamada turned to Takaki who was snickering at his partner getting retorted," and You! In position please!" Yamada commanded furiously, fading out Takaki's laughter.

"Woah" Daiki said to himself quietly, "What was that all about?". His eyes were still wide in surprise at the sight of Yamada being angry and annoyed, on top of that giving snappy commands to his senpais. But when he saw Takaki walking towards a couch placed at the center of the room and signaling him to come his way, his curiosity increased.

When Daiki reached Takaki,a moment of awkward silence filled in the distance between them, until Daiki broke it with a whisper “Um Takaki, what are we supposed to do?”. The question did not drew any answer but instead a playful smirk adorned on Takaki as he eyed on Daiki from top to bottom like an inspection with his hands on his chin nodding.

"well? What are you waiting for!? Get on the couch, Takaki! We're starting soon!" bellowed Yamada from the in front snapping both boys back to reality," JUMP Da Baby, take one!"

At the instruction, Takaki excitedly climbed up and laid down on the couch prepared before shifting his position to give a pose, all with still the same expression. "Eh?" Daiki tilted his head and squinted his eyes trying to grasp what exactly Takaki was doing and what Yamada was trying to make them do.

"No, no, try another pose" Yamada ordered, "Give me a SEXIER pose!!" And suddenly, the tanned lad stripped off his shirt and gave a sexy pose as ordered. And when Yamada gave his sign of approval, he glanced slightly at Daiki with a naughty smirk, giving Daiki a sudden shiver down his spine and started backing away slowly feeling uncomfortable.

All of a sudden Yamada turned to him and Daiki froze on the spot. He looked at Yamada gesturing at him to the couch then casually said "Now, Daichan, get on the couch with Takaki" Daiki's loud voice boomed around the room in total protest.

"WHAT!!!????? W-What in the hell are you talking about!!???" Daiki jumped in surprise at the outrageous order coming from his best friend. “I-I'm not climbing into the couch with Takaki" He screamed with his flushed pink cheeks, "Where are we even?? And what in the world is going on here??? "

However, instead of seeing Yamada getting angry and annoyed at his bullets of questions, a sly smirk appeared on Yamada's face as he eyed on him suspiciously. Daiki followed Yamada's gaze from him to Takaki and gave a slight nod. At the signal, Takaki stood from the couch, and turned to face the pink-faced Daiki standing with yet again a confused expression.

"If you refuse to take order from me..." Yamada said with an amused tone that caught Daiki's attention to face him "...then maybe Takaki can make you do so"

And all of a sudden, Daiki was few inches away Takaki's face and he was trapped leaning against the wall, blocked by two tanned arms on either side. He tried to break free, but every time he did so Takaki would prevent him by leaning in closer.

Daiki pressed his body flat against the wall, his head faced away from Takaki’s, trying to get away from him as far as possible but soon a whisper caught in his ears. “Dai-chan, I’ve always wanted to work with you for so long…” Takaki’s voice was soft but heavy with breath of uncontrollable lust, “That’s why I was so happy when they wanr us to host JUMP Da Baby…”

“B-but JUMP Da Baby is a radio show!” Daiki managed to cry out, shutting his eyes when he felt Takaki’s head resting on his shoulder and his warm breath blowing on his neck.

“But…”Takaki let his soft lips touched the boy’s neck, “Wouldn’t it be better if the show…” he clawed his fingers on to Daiki’s chest and parted his mouth to whisper seductively “…goes like this?” before he proceed to satisfy his deep lust for the poor boy.



“Dai-chan! Dai-chan!”

Daiki opened his eyes to the sound of a familiar voice.

“Hurry up, we’re starting the rehearsal soon”

Daiki rubbed his eyes to blink away the drowsiness and noticed Kei was staring at him. “Was my story that boring till you fell asleep??” Kei teasingly asked with a smile and he just gave him with a dazed look.

“Whatever, let’s go. Everyone is waiting”

As Daiki watched Kei take his leave , his eyes then rested upon the empty couch across from him where he last saw Takaki sleeping. The familiar sight brought him back to the unlikely dream he had and involuntarily, a small chuckle escaped from his cute smiling mouth before exiting the room to join his fellow members.

Feeling: boredbored
Singing to: Kamisama Onegai by Hanae
aiy_chan: yuya kei pokedaiy_chan on April 11th, 2014 12:10 am (UTC)
Randooooom Maru disease~ lol
I hope it's not just a dream~ not just a FF~ not imagination~ Please Daichan~ admit you really want(?) Yuyan deshou~~~