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18 February 2015 @ 02:21 pm
Short story : Hitori  
Hello lovely people!!!
It feels so good to write again (ofc other than writing essays and reports -___-)
This wais a story that i started a very long time ago but i got stuck halfway....
Iit was just last night that i finally get to finish it up and it is excatly how i want it to be.
This is kinda a heavy story so im sorry for that.
And im sorry for not writing a fanfic instead but hopefully that will happen soon.
So enjoy!!!

Titile : Hitori
Characters : All OCs
Genre/Themes : Love and Loss?
Summary : what happen when your loved ones changed and you are left alone and abandoned, but only to find out that things are the other way around....

"Welcome home, dear!" I greeted with a bright smile and my heart jumped in excitement that I launched myself at him, wrapping my arms around his neck.

I caught myself in his big reliable chest, inhaling his sweet scent and rubbing my cheeks against the warmth of his heart, I felt like I hadn't seen him in years. That moment was like heaven to me.

He smiled back to me but no words greeted me nor arms that hugged me the same way. He just stood there, accepted my love with his wistful smile.

"I cooked your favourite for dinner tonight" still in my cheery voice hoping for a brighter response,"Since tonight is going to be a special night for us" I said with a slightly naughty smirk.

I tried to find any answer in his eyes but all I saw were brown soulful eyes looking longingly into nothing. They were beautiful and charming, but they were also sad, teary and empty unlike what they used to be.

Then I stole a kiss on his pink dry lips. A surprise sweet attack to bring him back

"Heeheehee,sorry" I giggled as I did so trying to look cute "You're just kissable that's all" I mumbled shyly.

He let out a soft and brief giggle too but he didn't kiss back.

He didn't kiss me back.

Instead he slipped away from my arms without a single word and walked away heading for our bedroom.

I watched him disappear while holding back my tears and bit my mouth not to cry. It was painful to see your loved one changed.

When dinner time arrived, I sat in front of an empty seat. He didn't show up with his loud childish "Ah I'm hungry!" nor hug me from behind teasingly asking me to feed him. Where before in our happy young days he would sat across me, meeting each other’s eyes, feeling each other’s love and sometime we would talk and talk for ages until our food would get cold.

Instead he left me all alone at the dinner table.

He didn't show up. He never showed up.

Hours ticked by and I found myself shuffling to the bedroom, heart pounding and wavering.

I was confused, but at the same time afraid. I was not sure what to think or say, and even if I do, I didn't know if it was the right thing.

I just wanted to know; why this silence? Why this absence? And why this emptiness?
The bedroom door laid open but the room looked dark and heavy with only a small light from the bedside lamp where he sat on one side of the bed, staring lifelessly at the corner.

I entered the room with a heavy heart burdening on my chest.
“W-why are you doing this?” I conjured up the courage to ask but my voice came out like a croak and obvious with pain.

He didn't answer.

“w-wh-why?” This time tears were already streaming down my face. His ignorance, his silence, his absence hurt me, stabbed me, killed me.

“Please…t-tell me…” I was on my knee, sobbing,heart broken from the fact that my husband had somehow abandoned me emotionally and spiritually.

At this moment, I yearned for his warmth and comfort, to come running up to me gently caressing my head and softly whisper in my ears that everything is going to be alright. And longed for his radiant smile shining upon me drying away my tears ,then showering me with sweet kisses as a sign that he will always be with me. To be embraced and protected in his arms. To be loved and be in love together.

I missed those days. I missed being swept away to those lovely fairytales.

But he didn't move. He didn't turned to face me. He didn't say anything not even a single word.

He rejected me and left me alone.


A soft sound filled my ears.. It peered in like a whisper, as if it didn't want to be heard.

When I looked up, I realised it was coming from him.

He had started crying.

His face was buried in his palms as he sobbed away quietly.

I didn't understand what was happening. I didn't get why he was crying when I'm the one who is hurt.


It pained me so much to see him like this. And now I wished I could come running up to him and comfort him in my arms.

However, I couldn't….I just couldn't.

It was as if something was pulling me back from reaching out to him, something preventing me coming close to him, like an invisible wall separating us…just like our feelings…

“Ren…” I called out his name with what was left of my strength…

Then I noticed something, under his sobs and tears and under his own pain and suffering,he was saying something:

“I'm sorry…b-but I c-can't move on…”

“Ren…?”it came out like a whisper.

“I miss you so much,Aya….and…I just can't move…” He slightly looked up from his palms and in a whisper “ why did you have to leave me?... Why did you do this to me?”

It was then I realised, with shattering heart and piercing revelation, that I had long gone from his life…his entire life and away from his love.

It all came to me at once.

The pain, the blood, the tears, the separation. The last three letter words I said to him and the final touch of his lips to the last warmth I felt from his embrace as I laid there in his arms,…slowly parting, slowly leaving and slowly ending our story.Until I left him forever.

I was the one who had left him alone.

To have left him reliving the painful memories of our young happy days.

To have left him questioning, grieving and longing.

To have left him suffering from the silence, the absence and the emptiness.


I have left him for death.

The End.

aiy_chan: Daiki is a girlaiy_chan on February 18th, 2015 06:17 pm (UTC)
you make me scared at the end~!
i'm alone~ and this is midnight~~~~ XD

but i do read it, while imagining Kou-chan(?)
why oh why~~~~ XD